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We want to be Framed


At Dallas Heritage Village we are not short on picturesque buildings and many times these architectural beauties are the appropriate focus of countless photos, both ours and visitors alike. Yet, there is so much more to photograph at the Village than just our buildings. A recent blog post by an expert in our field (link to Pop-up Museum Post here) got us thinking about the ways that we can share all of those things in the Village that are important to you. Our visitors sometimes see things that we don’t, and that’s what makes visiting our museum so special!

We were especially enamored by the mention of “empty frames” in this post, which started us thinking. What if there was a way for our visitors to “frame moments and memories” at the Village and share them with us in order to become part of our story, part of our bigger picture? There is! Starting in July we will have several small frames in the Ticket Office available for you to borrow during your visit and frame all of the awesome things that you see and do. Then please share your pictures with us! We are on Facebook (Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park), on Twitter (@dhvillage), and on Instagram (dallasheritagevillage). Send your pictures to us directly or use our hashtag #summeratDHV.

Part of what is great about this picture-palooza, is that you get to show us what your favorite part of the Village is, what stands out, what makes you think, what takes your breath away. This is your opportunity to make the history IN and WITH the Village. It’s not just our pictures, ideas, and memories that matter, yours do too!

We cannot wait to see all your fabulous pictures and discover which moments you chose to capture with the frames. Here are a few examples of staff pictures:


At our 1860’s Farmstead.


In the garden of the 1860’s Farmstead.


Texas Flag stake outside of Sullivan House.


Nancy’s Garden next to the Education Office.


The Renner School House and our valley of wildflowers.


And you can’t forget our Donkeys, Nip and Tuck!


Make sure to share your pictures because we want to share them with the world in a blog post next month!

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