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(Re)Introducing our Taproots Programs

The definition of a taproot is the large main root of a plant that grows vertically downward and bears small lateral roots. It is a strong root that creates a network that is all connected. This definition is part of what is inspiring us to bring back the Taproot programs to Dallas Heritage Village. With all of the news of change and progress in the Cedars neighborhood, the excitement at the Village is palpable. We want to redevelop this program as a way to foster our connections, “roots” if you will, with our neighborhood and support each other’s development. What are these programs you might ask?

These new programs are the innovation of our Family Programs Manager, Johna Davis. The programs are a way of creating a sort of Visiting Artists program and bringing masters of craft to the Village to teach guests. Sharon Heard-Cross, one of our history educators, was eager to bring back some workshops to the Village and definitely has the talent (which will be discussed in a future blog!) to spearhead this first round. The Taproots program is becoming one of those branches for the Village by directly connecting local historians and artists to guests. This is just one facet of the Visiting Artist program but we are excited to get it up and running!

As far as the types of programs people can expect to see, we are testing this new(ish) concept out with three programs. We have had similar workshops in the past and we are hoping that the newly changing landscape of the neighborhood will bring about a renewed interest. There will be one workshop each month in March, April, and May. We hope that people will be eager to participate and to learn. In this world of Pinterest, HGTV, and Innovation, it’s hard to forget that the Village represents a time period of similar radical development and change in our nation. The Village is afforded the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the past and present with these workshops that will encompass DIY, organic and natural materials, and not least of all, fun!

The first workshop is on Saturday, March 28 from 10:00 to 2:00. This two hour workshop is titled, “It’s To Dye For” and we are still taking registrations! During this particular workshop you will learn techniques for dying cotton and wool using plants and practice these techniques on both handspun yarn from our sheep and a canvas bag. The Workshop fee is $15 per person or $25 for two people. Space is limited so make sure to snag your spot today! Register with Mandy Olsen, Curator of Education, by emailing her at Last day to register is March 27th.

Help us develop even stronger roots and look for future posts about our other two workshops.


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