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A reason to celebrate

On January 19, 1966, a group of women met and organized the Dallas County Heritage Society to save Millermore, the largest remaining antebellum home in Dallas County. Though formed to save just one remarkable house, this group went on to save, move and restore almost 30 historic structures at City Park, creating the museum you know today as Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park.

From the Millermore front porch, February 16, 1972

From the Millermore front porch, February 16, 1972

As historians, we’re pretty good at remembering important dates (though it would have been much more clever if I had posted this entry two days ago, on the 49th anniversary of DCHS getting the restraining order to stop the demolition of Millermore), but we don’t always talk about our own institutional history. We’re incredibly lucky to have a few of our founders still with us, as well as descendants. As a museum, we’ve changed dramatically over the last 50 years, with each new building bringing a new story and a new experience. Finally, the neighborhood redevelopment we’ve dreamed of for so long is coming–and many of these projects are planning grand openings for 2016. In other words, we’re going to spend most of 2016 celebrating–our founders, our story, our neighborhood, our visitors, and our museum.


The 1976 Bicentennial Celebration

The 50th Anniversary Steering Committee has been meeting for a few months already, and plans are well underway. We’re also forming an Honorary Committee to properly recognize those that have had a profound impact on our history. And, of course, we’ll need all of you to help us celebrate as well!

We know many of you have stories, pictures, and souvenirs from your visits to Old City Park or Dallas Heritage Village over the years. Now is a great time for you to look through your closets and your photos albums to see what pieces of our history you might have. We’re looking for photos in particular. Eventually, we hope to create a web portal for you to share your memories, but if you can’t wait, you can email us those stories now. Stay tuned as plans develop–we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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