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The 1960’s, not the 1860’s!

In 1966 a group of intrepid ladies got together and saved Millermore. Our Junior Historians created a reenactment of this seminal event, which can be found at . This marked the beginning of what would become Dallas Heritage Village. Fifty years is a milestone worth celebrating, and the Village intends to do just that…Celebrate! As we move into spring our next big celebration is History with a Twist on April 30, 2016 presented by Sidley Austin LLP. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Twist is usually a jazz age, 20’s themed cocktail party. However, this year, in honor of our founding, DHV is flashing forward to the 60’s. I know that is a little beyond the Village’s official time period of 1840-1910, but I think we can get away with it just this once! We will still have music, cocktails, and food. They will just be a little groovier this year as we celebrate fifty years of Dallas Heritage Village! There will also be both a live and silent auction featuring art, trips, wine packages, and other assorted treasures. We encourage everyone to recreate their favorite outfit from Mad Men or Woodstock and join us at History with a Twist! For more information or to buy tickets, please visit I’m looking forward to seeing all you swingin’ cats and chicks at our little clambake on the 30th!


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