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Using the Village as Green Space

Those of you who live downtown, in the Cedars, and surrounding neighborhoods know that sometimes it is hard to find a nice sizable piece of green space for personal use. Whether it is to read a book, get in an evening run, or even take in a morning stroll, green space can be a quiet and serene place. But have you ever thought of a museum as a place that provides green space in addition to educational benefits? Dallas Heritage Village has the advantage of being located on the land of Dallas’ very first City Park and thus has plenty of green space to accompany its educational value.

20160113_170039Personally, I run a lot. I am currently training for my very first half marathon which means that some days I don’t have enough time to complete my long runs before I need to be at work. White Rock Lake Park is my usual stomping grounds for runs and since the sun is still setting early, there isn’t really a well lit portion of trail to run after work either. So, I must say that I am lucky to work at Dallas Heritage Village because I now have a great running path that is gated, well lit, and safe for me to complete those long runs after work. While the Nip and Tuck don’t know what’s going on, they dutifully watch me so I always feel like I have a cheering section during my runs at the Village.

The trail is about a 1/3 of a mile long and I am personally a sucker for the architectural scenery as I am running. This could be the perfect trail for you as well! Many of our other staff members and volunteers with Fitbits try to walk around the loop of the Village a couple times each day. And there are a good number of Neighborhood Members that use us as a standard dog walking path.

Regular visitors can enjoy our grounds during public hours and bring a picnic, lawn blanket, or book to enjoy and extend their visits. Members get the same benefits of our green space but with free admission during public hours. But the best deal is definitely a Neighborhood Membership which grants access to the Village after hours Sunday through Thursday.

We are very fortunate to have such useful green space to house all of our buildings but also to give us the fresh air and outdoor time that everyone needs! Come out to the Village and I might just see you on the “trail!”

If you live in the Cedars, Downtown, Farmer’s Market, or Deep Ellum neighborhoods, then you are eligible to purchase a Neighborhood Membership and benefit from our green space all year long! IMG_20160120_170325

Contact Elizabeth Bera at for information about membership benefits and pricing.

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