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The Food Trucks are Coming!

Food trucks were first at DHV during Candlelight.

Yes, the rumors are true! We are going to have Food Trucks here at DHV on a regular basis, beginning July 28.

We are collaborating with a Cedars group that is serving as brokers, working as go-between for DHV and independent food trucks. As you have probably noticed, food trucks are the hottest new trend in the food business, and if you have been in the Arts District or at the Sigels Parking lot on lower Greenville, you’ve seen how popular they are. Our Cedars brokers have made arrangements with a pool of around 15 food trucks, all of whom are interested in participating in a new Cedars Food Park at DHV. A portion of the proceeds will benefit DHV.

To start, we plan to have the CFP operate on what we call Elm Street, in front of the Hotel, Fisher Road House, Doctors’ Office and Blum House. They will be here for lunch service Wednesday through Friday, beginning August 1. We have chosen this location initially because it is shaded, and because at this time of year we do not have school groups. The former Law Office will also be available for air conditioned seating space. Our plan is to see how this works out and to get our business established. If things are working out, in the Fall we will think about relocating, perhaps on old Park Ave. in front of the Education offices. Beginning on August 16, they will also be open for dinner service on Thursday nights.

We have some wonderful possibilities for combining food truck audiences with new programming, with music, and with other events. We are already using the momentum from this new venture to launch our new mobile visitor’s guide on July 28. In addition to very basic information abut DHV, this first phase will also combine material from our visitor’s guide and cell phone tour in one easy to use app. Be looking for QR codes the next time you visit. There are many other exciting educational possibilities for the future, but we are going to take this slow and see how our audience grows.

Yes, we may have hundreds of people here on some days for lunch, none of whom will be paying admission. Each customer will be given a receipt for their purchase, and should they choose to walk around, and even enter buildings, their receipt will be considered their admission ticket. We certainly anticipate that some will come here again in the future, and pay admission or even purchase a membership.

The guys we are working with have the same attitude we do on this: let’s try these things out and be prepared to adjust as we go along. This is a new venture for us, for them, for Dallas, and frankly, we can’t think of any other museum like ours anywhere that is undertaking a project like this. Staff is very, very excited. Our biggest concern right now is the distinct possibility that our waistlines will start expanding!

We hope all of you will help us to adjust and to make suggestions for how we can improve things as we go along.


Update on Food Trucks: Although the regular weekly food truck-based events carried out with the Cedars Food Park group during Fall 2012 have ended, we will continue working with independent licensed food trucks to provide opportunities for visitors to purchase food when visiting the Village. We are focusing our efforts on special events. As of November 2012, there is no longer an affliation between Cedars Food Park and Dallas Heritage Village. Please check our website at for further updates.

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