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If Donkeys Could Talk. . .


Nip:  Can you believe we’ve been here since 2000?  Getting from Georgia to Dallas was quite the adventure, and one I don’t care to repeat.  And after growing up on a farm, this was a very strange place to be.


Tuck:  There were kids everywhere!  And they made us pull those kids around on a wagon.  I really don’t like pulling that wagon.


Nip:  But it didn’t take us long to realize this was the place for us, because we were The Stars.  Kids lined up for rides.  They scratched our noses.  They even tried to hee-haw.  Try is key here—no one does this near as well as we do.


Tuck:  Even as The Stars, we’ve had to put up with all sorts of things.  One December, we were loaded on to a trailer to visit another museum.  We did not like this, and it took most of the staff to persuade us to get on board.  Automobiles just aren’t right.  And then there have been the times we’ve had to share OUR Paddock with the sheep or Lucy the cow.


Nip: Gosh, we hated that cow.  I’m glad she’s found greener pastures at that farm in the country.  She can finally be the Queen Bee she always tried to be here.  Personally, I’ve been annoyed with how many hats we’ve had to wear lately.  Every time there’s some sort of event, someone puts a hat on us.  Donkeys are dignified creatures; we shouldn’t be wearing hats.   


Tuck: Actually, I rather like the hats.  I think they accentuate my eyes.


Nip:  Really, Tuck?  Of course, we’re not quite perfect.  Sometimes we may act up.  Tuck has been known to fake injuries to get out of pulling the wagon.  Not that he ever properly shares that load.  I’m always doing all the work!


Tuck:  Well, what about you?  You’ve nibbled on a skirt or two.  And not too long ago, you might have grabbed a kid’s History Hunt and ate it.  But at least the kid could tell his teacher that the donkey ate his homework!


Nip:  With us being The Stars, we have never understood why it’s taken so long for there to be an event to honor us.  We know the staff loves us, even though there are less treats these days.


Tuck: Something about a diet, whatever that is. . . 


Nip: But seriously: we’ve been here 11 years.  We are 15 years old.  And this is our first birthday party?  After all we’ve done for this place and they’re just now celebrating us?


Tuck:  It’s about time!  At least our fans seem to be responding well.  Did you see the birthday cards the kids from Stipe Elementary brought us?  There were some very nice portraits of us.  Though I wish they had given us some cake too.  Mmmmmm. . . carrot cake.


Nip:  Well, I for one am really looking forward to the Birthday Bash on Thursday night.  Though I’ve never understood why people take perfectly good corn and turn it into alcohol. . .


Tuck:  I can’t wait to meet all the stuffed animals that are going to spend the night with us.  Wait until they see our side of life at the Village!


Nip:  And finally—a real birthday party!  I’m also quite glad that they’re not playing that silly game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”  We shouldn’t be subjected to such humiliation.  I already have a tail!


Tuck:  And I hear that our friends can buy us birthday bales of hay!  Mmm, hay.  But I do hope there will be some cake at one of these events.  Or at least some apples and carrots. . .  Ohhhh!  Maybe someone will bring us apple pie!


Nip:  We hope to see all of our friends this month.  We look forward to lots of photos with you, nose scratches and maybe a few treats.  And we’ll try not to nibble on anything we’re not supposed to.  Maybe.


Melissa here:

Nip and Tuck Birthday Celebrations:

June 2: Nip and Tuck’s Birthday Bash

June 18: Party Animals Sleepover

June 19: Family Past Times: Happy Birthday, Nip and Tuck


All month:  Buy a birthday bale of hay in their honor!


PS:  Despite what they tell you, they really shouldn’t have anything besides hay.  But if you want to give them a treat, feel free to pull some green grass or weeds for them when you visit.


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