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High Flyin’ Flags

category15Join us for June’s Family Past Times on Saturday, June 14th . For this event all children (and dads!) will receive free admission to the village, so bring the whole family! The theme of the day is High Flyin’ Flags, celebrating Flag Day and it will offer a wide variety of activities for families to take part in. We also highly encourage “dad participation” as an early Father’s Day celebration.

Flag Day was first declared a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916 by national proclamation. In August of 1949, Congress officially established Flag Day and while it is not a federal holiday, it is still widely recognized and observed. The holiday honors the anniversary of the official adoption of the flag of the United States of America on June 14, 1777. During the week of June 14th the president issues a proclamation to the citizens encouraging them to fly the flag. One of the most famous sites of observance is at the Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia. This day has also become special as the United States Army celebrates its birthday on June 14th as well. The flag has gone through several changes in its history but it always remains a proud and patriotic symbol of our country and freedom. In order to honor the lengthy history and tradition of our flag, our hands-on learning will include:

– Creating family flags to honor your own family’s history.

– Learning how to communicate using Signal Flags like soldiers known as the Signal Corps during the Civil War, and then sending Dad a Father’s Day greeting with talking flags!

– And a challenge to see how many state flags you and your family can recognize! We will be posting these results throughout the day, let’s see just how flag savvy you are!

As always the museum will be open from 10 to 4, and activities will be available from 11 to 3. Get here early and enjoy all of our historic homes and buildings as well as the activities! We look forward to seeing you at the Village soon!

Here are some other links if you wish to learn more about Flag Day:

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