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Getting to Know: Aidan Wright

The other day I looked around and saw that each new staff member over the last year has had an introductory blog post on our blog, and I said to myself: “ Self, you are a (relatively) new staff member at Dallas Heritage Village and yet you have not had an introductory blog post.  Who is the person who has so neglectfully forgotten you and resigned your arrival to anonymity?  Who is in charge of these blog posts??”  I went and looked and found out that it was actually me!  Or rather the last few introductions were written by Amber Oosterwaal, who’s position I now occupy.  Therefore I now present a little “Getting to Know You” fora recent member of the admin staff, Aidan Wright.

Aidan comes to us most recently from Camp All Saints on the shores of Lake Texoma, where he worked as a Program Staff member at a sleepaway science camp/church camp.  Aidan previously worked as a History Host at the Village so his face may be familiar.  Let’s learn a little more about Aidan…

What first got you interested in working in nonprofits/museums? 

Well, my family has been involved in non-profits since before I was born.  My own professional work with non-profits really began in college when I worked summers at a church camp on the border of Oklahoma as a Cabin Counselor.  I started being interested in museum work when I learned about Living History Interpretation.  Living History interpreters dress in period clothes and demonstrate period appropriate crafts and knowledge of the interpreted time period through interactions with the public.  This notion caught fire in my mind when I was in college: “Some one will pay me to live like it’s the 1800’s?  Where do I sign!?”

How did you first learn about DHV? Why did you want to join our team?  

I learned about Dallas Heritage Village after attending  a conference for Living History Interpreters in I believe 2014 that happened to be at the Village that year.  After that I started volunteering, which eventually turned into a History Host position.  I went away for a year and when I came back to DFW I jumped at the opportunity to return to work for the Village on the admin side.

Are there any special projects/programs that you’re especially excited about? 

Definitely Birthright BBQ Fest.  I’d been hearing a lot about last year’s event and this year lived up to those expectations.  I love BBQ.  Also, I really have been enjoying making the “What the Artifact?!” videos.  We also may be starting up a cooking series this fall, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more content!

When you’re not working, what are some of your hobbies and interests? Anything else we should know about you?

I actually am a professional actor in the DFW theatre scene, so look for me on the stage.  I also am a writer and am working on a comedy currently about the backstage life of theatre techies.  If you want to get a taste of my writing you can go to my writing blog, it’s mostly poetry and short story work.

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