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Candlelight Photo Contest

Dallas Heritage Village is always a picture perfect kind of place, but never more so than at Candlelight. So, this year for Candlelight, our theme is Picture Perfect Candlelight. We have thousands of fabulous Candlelight photos in our photo archive, but we want to see some of your photos! So, beginning this week, we’re asking you to join in our Picture Perfect Candlelight photo contest.




Post one of your favorite photos on your preferred social media forum (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) from a past Candlelight. Do you have a great picture of Nip and Tuck? Did your family pose with some of our giant packages on the front porch of Millermore? Is there a photo of you performing with one of our many choirs? The options are endless!




When you post, please use the hashtag #DHVCandlelight so we can find your photo! On instagram, please also use Dallas Heritage Village as your location. On Twitter, say hello to us by using @dhvillage On Facebook, either post on our wall or one of the event pages.

Each week, we’ll pick one winter–and the winner will win a free pair of Candlelight tickets! (and yes, we’ll be looking at submissions from all three social media platforms to pick one winner each week).

Please post your photos by Thursday. We will announce winners and share the winning photo the next day.

Winners will be announced on:

Friday, November 20

Friday, November 27

Friday, December 3

Friday, December 11

We can’t wait to see your Picture Perfect Candlelight!



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