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Candlelight Advice from the Candlelight Experts

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Candlelight is a Dallas Heritage Village tradition that has been around for numerous years. However, some of you might find yourself in my position, of being a recent transplant and having never attended Candlelight before. So you may be thinking, “What is this Candlelight? How does it work? What should I be prepared for?” Seeing as how I cannot answer that, I turned to the Dallas Heritage Village staff, who are Candlelight veterans. They have imparted their wisdom and advice for us first time “Candlelighters.”

  1. Helen Muncaster, our Director of Sales, importantly suggests that you purchase discounted tickets in advanced instead of having to wait in line at the door. It saves you some money and allows you more time inside the Village once you arrive. You can purchase discounted tickets for another week here.
  2. Claudia Alexander, our Director of Administration, brings up a great point, credit cards are accepted, but cash is preferred and easiest with small bills. Most activities and baked goodies tend to be $5 and under. There is also a fee for parking, which is cash only. So be prepared with cash!
  3. Kay Lewis, our Volunteer Coordinator, explains that it is important to consider what time you will be visiting the Village. The Victorian decorations look differently in the afternoon light than they do lit by candles. If possible plan to be here before it gets dark and stay until after.
  4. Mandy Olsen, our Reservations Coordinator, suggests that during your visit, you should plan to make time to check out the entertainers. We have a wide variety and they are all so talented and different (and she’s not just saying this because she booked all of them, it’s true!) With this year’s theme centering around Christmas carols, music will be in festive and large supply!
  5. Lisa Simpson’s advice (echoed by almost the entire staff) is to check out our Guild’s bake sale in the pavilion. Her exact words were: “Eat all you can from the Guild Bake Sale. Everything they sell is delicious and you will not be sorry. At all.” Who could argue with that?!
  6. Gary Smith, our Director of Strategic Projects (and former Executive Director), has some appropriately logistical advice. If possible have your first activity be the hay or donkey carriage ride around the Village so you can appropriately orient yourself to where everything will be taking place.
  7. Evelyn Montgomery’s suggestion is also logical and was repeated by multiple staff members, wear layers! We never know what this kooky Dallas weather will be up to. Make sure you are prepared. She also wanted to add make sure to thank the Donkeys for the wagon-ride but don’t feed them kettle corn. Our boys work hard during Candlelight!
  8. Johna Davis, our Family Programs Manager, brilliantly suggested bringing an empty bag with you. That way you can easily carry your completed crafts (we have several for all participants in our Law Office!) and your purchased baked goods.
  9. Melissa Prycer, our President and Executive Director, wants to remind you that “Funds raised during Candlelight support activities year-round at the Village. Every purchase you make, from tickets to parking to brownies, supports everything we do.” We also have the opportunity for to you buy a candle in honor of a loved one or become a Candlelight sponsor. Contact Lisa Simpson for more information at 214-413-3662 or
  10. My advice (Caitlin Hughes, Guest Services Manager), even though I haven’t been to Candlelight, is simple. It’s the holidays, enjoy time with your family and just take the whole evening in.

From our museum family to your family, Happy Candlelight! We hope that you will join us. The event is Saturday, December 13th and Sunday, December 14th from 3:00 to 9:00.

If you have been to Candlelight before please share your advice or stories below!

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