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A letter from our Executive Director and President, Melissa Prycer:


September isn’t just back to school—it’s back to the Village! Gates open again, welcoming visitors after closing to the public during August. Teachers start to schedule field trips. We’re gearing up for all of our exciting fall events—check out the calendar! In the midst of all of this, we are also requesting support for our annual campaign.

The past few months have also been busy for the neighborhood around us. Several new businesses are coming to the Cedars including Alamo Drafthouse. Dirt has been flying at the Dallas Farmers Market for many months, and we are excited to have this great marketplace so close to the Village.

While all of these new folks are making their way to the neighborhood, here at the Village we remember the pioneering spirit that brought people to Dallas in the first place. Men and women like the Millers, original occupants of Millermore and Miller Cabin, were looking for an opportunity for adventure and wealth on the frontier and chose to put down roots in Dallas and helped make our great city what it is today.

Dallas has always been home to the pioneer spirit and this year we want you to be a part of it too! Supporters of Dallas Heritage Village have the Urban Pioneer spirit. The donations you provide year after year help the Village maintain a high level of commitment to education and preservation. As Urban Pioneers, you see the value of remembering the past but welcome the adventure the future holds.

As many of you know, our fiscal year ends on September 30, and I am calling on you, our friends, to make a difference. You know the important work we are doing to preserve the pioneer spirit of North Texas and educate the community, but we cannot continue without you. Your support will mean more preservation projects and educational programming for our visitors and the community. Please donate to the annual fund and become an Urban Pioneer today!


With gratitude,

Melissa Prycer

President & Executive Director

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